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This song was written by adding one verse for significant spots the Eaton went on the West Pac Cruise in 1967. Here is the author singing with his guitar.

By Patterson (ETR3) 1967

We left for Viet Nam on the 20th of June.
We had a "green" crew so trouble hit us soon.
Well, we never had a chance
But we had one heck of a time.
'Sailin' the open seas on the Fightin Five and Dime.
When we hit Panama it was a warm, sunny day,
That's a very famous place, so all those people say.
The Liberty was good.
And we all got back on time
To sail the open seas on the Fightin Five and Dime.

San Diego is a place in 'Califor-ni-a'.
Stay out of trouble, Sailor, go to Disneyland, they say.
Some boys got thrown in jail,
But they all paid their fine,
And got back to sail the high seas on the Fightin Five and Dime.
Oh, that Fightin Five and Dime: she's a bucket of rust,
We kick her and we cuss her, but she means a lot to us.
Jerry Lujan caught a Sea Bat, said for everyone to look,
Trying to catch anyone, and finally 'fished' a cook.
We laughed 'til' we though we'd die,
And had a good 'ol' time
'Catchin' Sea Bats on the high seas, on the Fightin Five and Dime.
On our way to Honolulu to see those girls in grass skirts,
'Steamin' along fine 'til' one of our boilers burst.
The Snipes worked like slaves
To keep a plant on line.
So we could steam to Pearl Harbor on the Fightin Five and Dime.
My "Olongopo Honey" is 'awaitin' for me
'Drinkin' San Miguel Beer and 'givin' kisses " "Free"
Queen Bee, Super Club,
Just one big party time,
But the parties were ending for the Fightin Five and Dime.
Oh, that Fightin Five and Dime: she's a bucket of rust,
We kick her and we cuss her, but she means a lot to us.
Liberty in Yokosuka and a swim in Buckner Bay,
Our guns were ready to give the V.C. a bad time,
They cried "Hochi", save us from the Fightin Five and Dime.
The Marines loved our gunners, but "Charlie" hates us all,
2,000 times we fired at the spotters 'beck and call'.
Bo Hop Mountain to Bo Hop Valley
Was reduced in record time,
By the 5 inch 38's of the Fightin Five and Dime.
We earned our pay that month in the Gulf of Tonkin,
And if you think were 'quitten' well, brother guess again,
We'll play a return engagement,
But now it's party time
For the battle weary crew of the Fightin Five and Dime.
Oh, that Fightin Five and Dime: she's a bucket of rust,
We kick her and we cuss her, but she means a lot to us. That Famous Fightin Fletcher finally came to Sasebo,
"We want liberty!" cried the crew, "Oh good grief, let us go!"
Tape recorders, cameras,
And baciillus shot time,
Spent our money like true sailors of the Fightin Five and Dime
Second time on the Gun Line we did better than before,
3,000 rounds and better went 'screamin' down our bores,
'Losin' sleep and 'workin' hard, but no one seemed to mind.
There's seasoned veterans, now aboard the Fightin Five and Dime.

For every port we hit, a verse gets added to this song,
And at the rate we're 'goin', this song will be long.
But these last lines are a "muther"
'Cause' it's hard to make them rhyme
With a ship that's got the nickname of the Fightin Five and Dime!




By Wilson, (GMG1) 1967
Here on the Gun Line, tranquility is past,
And we await the enemy, To engage him at last.
Our guns are trained out, and brought to bear,
On distant targets as seen from the air.
The crew is tense, the ship is still,
The stars outline the targeted hill.
Hellos in the air drop flares all around,
We pick up their targets and light up the ground.
The enemy scatter, here and there,
While Hello gun ships return fire from the air.
Their machine guns are firing, it looks a stream.
Their firing red traces, looks more like a light beam.
Rockets are let go, as smoke clouds the skies.
The hellos move out, and as they go,
They give us the word, "Commence Fire... Five, One, Zero".
We commence a set pattern, of uneven fire,
To scatter the enemy wherever they are.
From midnight to dawn we keep up the pace,
Harassing the enemy, giving him no peace.
When dawn finally breaks, and we expend our last round,
It' sort of a break, but I know deep down,
When G.Q. is sounded, again we'll respond ,
With little or no sleep, as often we've done.
You hear no one argue, growl or moan,
Because back in the States we love our families and homes.
And when we return, our tour is all through,
We'll feel with pride, that we have helped too.



A Gray Destroyer's Crew
"Destroyermen" (anonymous)

 They hear the sound of the seas that pound
On half-inch plates of steel
And they close their eyes to the lullabies
Of the creaking sides and keel

They're a lusty crowd that's vastly proud
Of the slim gray craft they drive
Of the roaring flues and the humming screws
Which makes her a thing alive

They love the lunge of her surging plunge
And the murk of her smokescreen too
As they sail the seas in their dungarees
A gray destroyer's crew

"Destroyermen" (anonymous)