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Contributed by Richard Leonhardt USS Eaton  Picture 1

Contributed by Merv Terrell Doug aboard ship

 Contributed by Richard Leonhardt USS Eaton  Picture 2

Contributed by Merv Terrell Three friends

 Contributed by Richard Leonhardt  USS Eaton  Picture 3

Contributed by Merv Terrell 2001 reunion picture

 Contributed by Jerry Kimber USS Eaton Picture 4

 Contributed by Douglas Mack USS Eaton Picture 5

If you love the Eaton this picture will sadden you.... Is this the final cruise?

I bought this picture of Eaton about 10 years ago.... I noticed the rust down the side of the ship and wondered if this was her last voyage to be sunk. Notice also the minimum crew on board.
Doug Mack

  Contributed by Douglas Mack USS Eaton Picture 6
Pictures of the USS Eaton after the collision with the USS Wisconsin 
Contributed by Former LTJG R. L. Taylor
On May 6, 1956 the Battleship Wisconsin collided with the Eaton in heavy fog 50 miles off Cape Henry. The Wisconsin suffered a 30 square foot hole in the bow, but the Eaton almost lost her entire bow. She was towed to Norfolk flooded to her forward engine room.
"It was an incredible miracle that no one was hurt. I was gunnery officer and stunned when the division reports came in. In fact, I was so sure the leading PO's had made mistakes I told them to count again--face to face, nose to nose--and didn't want to hear somebody thought they saw Jackie Fleming on the fantail." 
Former LTJG R. L. Taylor.
USS Eaton after the collision Picture 1
USS Eaton after the collision Picture 2

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  Mount 52 fires during a fire fight in Viet Nam.

 Mount 31 gets ready to fire on short range targets



 Rough rides seen all to often!

After a long night of river patrol, a weary crew rests at break of day. This picture taken off the coast of Viet Nam.


 Underway! The Eaton after the collision with the Battleship Wisconsin, May 1956.


Eaton tied up at Halifax, Nova Scotia August 27,1953. The USS Beal is coming alongside. Courtesy of Phil Jorden.

Captain Briscoe Chipman skipper of the Eaton in 1953.